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Winter trends

By Kaledi Fashion | 27. October 2019

Winter is a cool season, and we want to keep it nicely in the heat, and yet be appealing and sexy.   The fashionable hit are big thick knitted sweaters. The thicker the yarn, the better. Best solid color to perfectly pull out the pattern of knitting. It is excellent to combine such a big sweater with leggings or narrow denim. You should not miss a sexy knitted dress that you are worried about with high boots. To keep warm, do not forget the proper winter cap with brmbolcami, shawl and gloves. You can even do it yourself, knitting is not only for old grannies.   The lace is always up to date and you don't have to wait until the summer to wear it. The warm light is heated and the applied lace makes you a gentle vortex. At home you will be comfortable in the tracksuits overdo.   Faux fur vests operate luxuriously, and no pet comes to the eel. Artificial fur is also a perfect addition to winter jacket. In the vibrant color cell in the city and on the slope, more conservative ladies can choose from different earthy shades of brown or beige. And note that the grey color is certainly not boring, is one of the colors of this winter. In addition, the royal blue, silver, turquoise, and also the white and black herds are now worn.   You don't have to give up your favorite legine even in solid frost. In the Shops menu you will find various insulated or suede species, suitable for winter, patterned and monochrome. A shorter dress is also possible for a party at the club, while dancing is still heated. Fashionable are with metallic print, for example, gold-black, lacing, or zipper dress.   Remember that the ball season continues, so you also need to think about the choice of evening dresses. In the market there is a huge number of different dresses from which you will definitely choose your ones. It should mainly adapt to the editing of the physique, and what is important on the ball is worn by a long dress.   P.S.: Don't forget Valentine's Day! Lace underwear, a red blouse or dress will not let anyone cool.

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