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Spring trends

By Kaledi Fashion | 10. apríla 2019

The first spring flowers have already been carved, the sun shines and the days are lengthing. That's why it's time to say goodbye to the winter wardrobe, and replace clothes with lighter, airy pieces. Although it is already warmer, it is still necessary to protect yourself from cold. You can forget the knitted scarves and caps by making the most of the delicate shawls and scarves. Don't miss the dress, feel free to be short, just remember the punthingies so you don't refrigerate. Get a dress, shirt or body with a refined or asymmetric neckline in the area of the depot or lace. You can also recommend black dresses with some detail, such as zipper, gomrets, or gold-plated applications. Interesting are black shirts with long sleeves with different details to make you stand out, such as lacing on your sleeve, networked applications, appliqués, guinea fowl and more. Thanks to this, the black shirt will not be ordinary. Remember that even at home you should feel comfortable and appealing. If you choose a beautiful suede set, you have it done. The embroidered inscription will bring a little extravagance. In such sweatpants and zipper pocket with a hood you don't even have to worry about going out, on a swim, on a swimming pool, on a walking with a dog. If you want to try something new and unconventional, get a novelty – jeans or leggings with a zip at the back. Your background will be appealing and the opposite sex will act irresistible. Leggings are worn all year round, but now you can hide thick or lined, and pull out the classic. To be completed with a maxishirt and a cell or a long light. Definitely refined and seducing you will act if you give a more looser sweater from which you will be blowing up irritating interchangeable shoulder straps. But beware, we do not mean the classic straps, but the fashionable uptake-interchangeable straps whose strips create patterns reminiscent of the spider. You can also use the dress, under the partially unbroken shirt, or just in the bottom of the lingerie to seduce your pet. It's still cold in the morning on the way to work, so you mustn't miss a beautiful button coat in your wardrobe. In a cream or grey coat of paint, make sure you do not drink, turn, shine. The daring ladies certainly do not feel the jacket in bright red or blue. Get a black lacqued shoe.

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